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  • Review from Alexis L.

    These candles are phenomenal! I've loved every scent I've received and nothing store bought compares. 10/10 would recommend these products!

  • Review from Shannon A.

    My new favorite candles! I burned the Palo Santo candle for about an hour in a 900 sq foot space. The scent was fabulous. It was never “in your face”. 6 hours later when I left, it was still lingering. That is an incredible amount of bang for your buck. These candles are made with love and intention and are a must have.

  • Review from Jennifer M.

    Amazing ! These candles burn for so long & they smell amazing the entire time and afterwards the smell lasts. I just had to order more from her and I am so excited for the new scents I got to try. These candles are easy worthwhile purchase.